#915 "G-Jet" Ready-to-Race Car

#915F "Formula G-Jet" Ready-to-Race Car

G-Jet Official Factory Service Parts

G-Jet Official 12-volt Power Supply

The BSRT G-Jet"The Closest Thing to Real Racing"
Voted HO Slot Car Product of the Year upon it's release, the G-Jet has become the most popular product to hit the HO slot car racing scene in decades. BSRT has put together a brilliant combination of components to create a brand new slot car based on their popular G3 platform of high-performance cars.

From the very start, the G-Jet was designed to work without the aid of traction magnets. Far from simply being a magnet car with the traction magnets removed, it's an entire package of new components combining to make the most realistic performing HO slot car available today. The HO community responded by voting it HO Slot Car Product of the Year. No wonder the G-Jet is known as "The Closest Thing to Real Racing�"

Why has the G-Jet become so popular? It�s simple. While the quality and speed of today�s high-performance G3 magnet cars more than satisfied the high-end HO enthusiast, the lineup of entry-level offerings from the �toy manufacturers� was sadly lacking. There was no serious entry-level car for the novice racer wanting to get started in this hobby. BSRT recognized the need for just such a car and addressed the situation with the G-Jet. In one fell swoop, BSRT moved the goalposts for all HO slot car manufacturer�s and proves, once again, why they have been the technology leader in HO scale slot car racing since they released their first high-performance products five decades ago in the 1970's.

BSRT now offers two Ready-to-Race versions of the G-Jet. Both versions include the complete G-Jet running chassis, less body. The original G-Jet is BSRT�s #915 Rolling Chassis based on the short wheelbase version of the G3 chassis. It now includes a body clip which allows you to snap-on the majority of existing Tomy AFX short wheelbase hard plastic bodies. Any body that fits the Tomy Super G-Plus car will also fit the G-Jet (plus the majority of Tomy SRT, Turbo, and assorted Mega-G bodies).

For Formula racing fans, BSRT has released their #915F �Formula G-Jet� Rolling Chassis. This exciting new car is based on the long wheelbase version of the GJet which allows the use of Tomy AFX snap-on Formula bodies. This G-Jet features wide front tires to get the realistic look of a true Formula car. Any Formula body that fits a Super G-Plus car will also fit the Formula G-Jet. This G-Jet came about due to the increased popularity of this class around the country which has culminated with the first running of the U.S. G-Jet Grand Prix.

One important note to keep in mind regarding the G-Jet: it's been carefully engineered to run on a true 12-volts of power. BSRT offers the official G-Jet 12-volt Power Supply which will give your layout more than enough power to run up to six G-Jet cars on any size HO track. You can also opt for Tomy AFX�s Tri-Power Pack which has a 12-volt setting on it that works perfectly with G-Jets. Get in on the fun today - realistic racing at realistic speeds. If you'd like to learn more about BSRT's G-Jet click on one of the links below:

Interview with The Guru regarding the G-Jet

�Interview with The Guru� - a talk with BSRT�s Gary Beedle, designer of the G-Jet.

G-Jet Nuvolari Enduro
An annual G-Jet Enduro drawing racers from all over the East Coast.

G-Jet Car Review
The highly respected Steve Medanic tries out the G-Jet and reports his findings.

The Official G-Jet Racing Rules
If you're not following these rules, you're not racing G-Jets...

Above: Vintage 1960's LeMans competitors
prepared by BSRT for the 2009 Rothwell G-Jet
Enduro racing on a Brystal 4-lane Banzai layout.

Above: Porsche 917 G-Jets (with lights) prepared
by BSRT for the 2006 Rothwell G-Jet Enduro
racing on a Brystal 4-lane Intrepid layout.


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