BSRT G-Jet Official 12-Volt Power Supply
Official 12-Volt Power Supply for the BSRT G-Jet
One of the nicest features of the BSRT G-Jet line of cars is that you're not stuck having to find a decent 18-volt power supply. By designing the G-Jet to run on 12-volts, BSRT made it much easier, and far less expensive, for the HO racer to purchase a proper power supply. The BSRT PS-12 Power Supply (shown here) is the official 12-volt power supply for racing G-Jet cars. It features a real 12-volts of power (many 12-volt power supplies are actually 13.8 volts) with an adjustable knob that also allows 9, 7.5, 6, 4.5, and 3-volts to be selected. 3 and 4.5-volts are perfect for breaking in cars. You can also turn down the power to 9-volts for kids or novices to give the G-Jet a try. The best part is, the cost for this power supply is only $28.00. This power supply can power up to 6-lanes of G-Jets on any size HO layout.

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