BSRT #915 G-Jet Ready-to-Race Car

Get in on the fun of racing a BSRT G-Jet today! Every G-Jet is meticulously hand-assembled by the Pros at BSRT. This assures you you're getting the best possible performance from the G-Jet you purchase. Every car is blueprinted during assembly and run-in for a minimum of five hours on a regulated power supply. After that, every G-Jet is track tested to ensure it's performance comes up to the high standards you expect from BSRT.

The original G-Jet is BSRT�s #915 Rolling Chassis based on the short wheelbase version of the G3 chassis. It now includes a body clip which allows you to snap-on the majority of existing Tomy AFX short wheelbase hard plastic bodies. Any body that fits the Tomy Super G-Plus car will also fit the G-Jet (plus the majority of Tomy SRT, Turbo, and assorted Mega-G bodies).


#915 - "G-Jet" Ready-to-Race Rolling Chassis
A factory custom-built ready-to-race car assembled by the Pros at BSRT:
- A completely assembled Ready-to-Race car with all the Pro "tweaks".
- BSRT G-Force� C4 Ceramic-Grade Motor Magnets.
- 9-ohm Armature designed to run perfectly on 12-volt power.
High-performance Injection-Molded Black Silicone Slip-on Rear Tires.
- All rotating components "blueprinted" during the assembly process.
- Every factory-built G-Jet is broken-in on a regulated power supply.
- Nearly all existing Tomy AFX HO slot car bodies fit the car.

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