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Latest AFX Slot Racing News
New Tomy AFX Mega-G Car Releases in Stock!
There's a bunch of new Mega-G cars now in stock. Among them are the long awaited Le Mans protagonists, the Audi R-10 and Peugeot 908 Coupe. These two cars are the first new AFX bodies that take advantage of the smaller dimensions of the Mega-G chassis. Scale Auto will be carrying these cars as well as all the other new Mega-G releases. Click here for a listing of Mega-G cars currently available.


Scale Auto has Tomy AFX Mega-G Service Parts!
Scale Auto now has many of the new Mega-G service parts in stock for immediate shipment. Parts include pickup shoes for both the 1.5 and 1.7 Mega-G chassis, motor brushes, motor springs, brush barrels, armatures, and body clips. For more information on what's available, please click on our Mega-G Service Parts page.
Tomy AFX Mega-G Champ Cars are Back in Stock!
Three out of the original four Mega-G Champ Cars are back in stock! The Red Bull Champ Car (#9067) has been discontinued but the other three Champ Cars are now on our shelf ready for immediate shipment.

The Mega-G is the latest car designed, from the ground up, by Racemasters for the AFX product line. The best feature of the Mega-G chassis is it�s low-profile, narrow design. This allows for a larger variety of today�s popular race bodies to fit the car. This, in turn, should lead to more realistic looking HO slot cars like the Champ Cars you see here.

The formula bodied Mega-G cars run on a 1.7" wheelbase and the body on these licensed Champ Cars is a replica of the DP01 Dan Panoz formula car run in the final year of the Champ Car World Series in 2007. The performance of the Mega-G is on par with the Tomy AFX Super G-Plus and SRT cars so this is a good performing platform of car. Mechanically, it features bonded motor magnets, Neo traction magnets, and conventional inline motor. Because of the reduced chassis size, the car is fairly flexible which also helps with it�s handling in stock form. This is definitely a great car to drive on a home-size track, especially when combined with the Tomy AFX Tri-Power Pack.

9066 - Champ Car DP01 #3 - Driver: Paul Tracy

Team Forsythe Pettit Racing - Indeck sponsorship

9068 - Champ Car DP01 #5 - Driver: Will Power

Team Australia - Aussie Vineyeards sponsorship

9069 - Champ Car DP01 #14 - Driver: Robert Doornbos

Team Minardi USA - Oz-Jet sponsorship

The Mega-G 1.5" Wheelbase Collector Cars are Here!
All six of the brand new Tomy AFX Mega-G Collector Cars are now in stock. These cars include the new 1.5-inch wheelbase Mega-G chassis, complete with new body clip, underneath these very collectible Ford GT40's and Cobra Daytona Coupe. The Miles, McLaren, Gurney, Andretti, and Whitmore GT40's are replicas of the cars that took part in the 1966 LeMans 24-Hour Race. The red Cobra Daytona Coupe is a new offering from AFX featuring clear windows and interior detail.

The first three Ford GT40 bodies listed are re-issues of the Shelby America team cars run at LeMans in 1966. The light blue and black GT40's finished first and second that year but not without a controversial finish. Ken Miles and Denny Hulme piloted the #1 car and thought they had won in a top-3 dead-heat finish. The French officials thought otherwise and declared the black #2 car, driven by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon, the official winner since they had started the race further down the grid and, therefore, covered more ground. The red #3 Shelby-prepped GT40 was driven by American's Dan Gurney and Jerry Grant. They led much of the race before retiring during the 18th hour.

The other three new Tomy AFX releases feature their new clear body technology where the bodies are painted, using the usual process, but the windshields remain clear. This allows some visual interior detail which is handled by installing a printed paper which mimics the real detail in the real car (i.e. seats, spare tires, carburetors, etc.) With clear windows being a part of the body, there�s no need for a separate, bulky, glued in part. It does make quite a visual difference.

All of these new Tomy AFX cars ride on top of the brand new 1.5" wheelbase Mega-G chassis. The chassis is pictured above and, as you can see, features a slightly shorter wheelbase than the DP01 Formula Mega-G cars launched last year. Otherwise, it's the same car but utilizes a new body clip so full-width bodies can be snapped onto the Mega-G chassis. All of these new Mega-G Collector Series cars are in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Don�t forget all of these beautiful GT40 bodies, as well as the Daytona Coupe, will snap directly onto a BSRT G-Jet making for even more realistic racing.

71245 - Mega-G 1.5" Ford GT40 Mk II #1 (Miles)

71246 - Mega-G 1.5" Ford GT40 Mk II #2 (McLaren)

71247 - Mega-G 1.5" Ford GT40 Mk II #3 (Gurney)

71248 - Mega-G 1.5" "Clear" GT40 Mk II #6 (Andretti)

71249 - Mega-G 1.5" "Clear" GT40 Mk II #8 (Whitmore)

71250 - Mega-G 1.5" "Clear" Daytona Coupe #59

New Tomy AFX Tri-Power Pack with 3 Voltages
While not quite carrying the same weight as the new Mega-G car, AFX�s Tri-Power Pack is still an important new product release. Ever since Aurora stopped production of their two-screw transformer power packs decades ago, all AFX sets have been down on power. The most common complaint is that one car will speed up when the other car comes off. While the voltage rating was high, the problem was always a lack of amperage. That�s all been taken care of with their new Tri-Power Pack. Of even more importance, there�s now three different voltages you can set the power pack to including 22 volts, 12 volts, and 8 volts. At all three voltages, there�s a full 1-amp on hand, just like the original Aurora two-screw transformers. With a standard Tomy terminal track plug attached to it, HO enthusiasts will now be able to switch between running magnet cars on 22-volts and BSRT�s extremely popular G-Jet on 12-volts. It�s as simple as flipping a switch. The new Tri-Power Pack is a very important new product for the entry level racing crowd. The Tri-Power Pack is part #8822P and is now IN STOCK ready for immediate shipment.


New Tomy AFX 18� Radius Curve Track
The long anticipated AFX 18� radius curve track has finally arrived and we have lots of them in stock ready for immediate shipment. AFX part number 8997, this 1/8th curve track section fits outside their 15� curve which gives you even more possibilities when designing an AFX track layout.

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