ProTech Silver-Plated Electrical Components

ProTech takes electrical system parts and has them silver-plated for improved performance. Silver-plated parts are offered for all the current cars as well as the older discontinued Aurora cars. (now Collectible limited inventory---check stock)

Silver-Plated Electrical Parts for Mattel/Tyco 440-X2 Cars

Part # Description Price
PT103S - Silver-Plated X2 Splined Brush Barrels (pair) $4.50


- Silver-Plated BSRT .007" Pro Brush Springs (2 pair) $1.50


- Silver-Plated BSRT .008" Pro Brush Springs (2 pair) $1.50


- Silver-Plated BSRT .009" Pro Brush Springs (2 pair) $1.50


- Silver-Plated BSRT X2 Pickup Springs (2 pair) $1.50


- Silver-Plated BSRT X2 "Ski-Shoe" Pickups (pair) $2.00


- Silver-Plated X2 Stock Pickup Shoes (pair) $2.50

Silver-Plated Electrical Parts for Life-Like Cars

Part # Description Price
PT120S - Silver-Plated Life-Like Threaded Brush Barrels (pr.) $4.00


- Silver-Plated Life-Like Brush Barrels (pair) $1.50

Silver-Plated Electrical Parts for Older Aurora Cars

Part # Description Price


- Silver-Plated Aurora G-Plus "Ski-Shoe" Pickups (pair) $1.50


- Silver-Plated Aurora AFX Pickup Shoes - with step (pair) $2.00

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