Controller Recommendations
Parma produces the most popular controller available on the market today. Resistors come in a wide variety of ohms and all of the individual parts are readily available. The Econo controller is an excellent replacement for the standard item included in Tyco, Tomy AFX, and Life-Like race sets. The Parma #216, in fact, is a good way to increase the performance of the stock Tyco, Tomy, or Life-Like cars without actually modifying the car. The Turbo controller (available in kit form or assembled) is the next step up the ladder with many advanced features - and options - for the advanced racer.

Resistors come in three different styles; Econo, Sebring/Plus, and Daytona/T.Q. The Econo is a basic single barrel design with minimal coating. The Sebring or Plus Resistor is also a single barrel configuration but fully covered with a top-of-the-line coating. The Daytona is a double-barrel design that allows the use of dual heat sinks and also features a quality coating. The T.Q. takes the Daytona a step further and includes Parma's best coating. The Daytona or T.Q. is intended for the Turbo; however, it will fit the Econo controller if the top portion of the frame is removed.

When ordering a complete controller or resistor we need to know the ohmage desired. For those not familiar with the effect of ohms on the controller, just remember that fewer ohms means a quicker response and higher ohms means a slower response. Here are a few guidelines to help you select the proper ohmage for your customers:

60 to 90-ohms - Suggested for T-Jets on any type of layout.

45-ohms - Suggested for BSRT G-Jets or Stock Tyco/Tomy/Life-Like cars on small twisty layouts
(using wall-pack power).

25 to 35-ohms - Works well with BSRT's G-Jet cars as well as Stock or Modified cars on large, fast layouts
(wall-pack or transformer power).

15 to 25-ohms - For Modified/Polymer cars on fast layouts (high-output transformer or battery power).

4 to 15-ohms - For Neo/Unlimited cars with high-strength magnets on layouts with plenty of power.

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