Parma Controllers

Parma produces the most popular controllers available today. Listed below is their current controller lineup. Any of the Parma controllers listed below are excellent replacments for the standard units included in race sets. Click here if you would like more Technical Information or if you would like Controller Recommendations.

Plus Controllers
Part # Description Price


- 15-ohm Plus Controller (assembled Turbo controller) $39.95


- 35-ohm Plus Controller (assembled Turbo controller) $39.95


- 45-ohm Plus Controller (assembled Turbo controller) $39.95

T.Q. Controllers
Part # Description Price


- 15-ohm T.Q. Controller (Turbo controller with T.Q. resistor) $69.95


- 25-ohm T.Q. Controller (Turbo controller with T.Q. resistor) $69.95

Miscellaneous Parma Controllers
Part # Description Price


Turbo Controller Kit
(includes everything you need except resistor)

Parma Home Page

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