Parma F-1 Airbrush and Accessories

Parma now offers an excellent air brush for those slot car racers looking to paint and detail their own vacuum form or hard plastic bodies. Parma also offers a wide selection of water-based lexan paints called Faskolor. Click here for more info on their paints.


Parma F-1 Airbrush Kit
Includes everything you need to paint like the Pros. Parma's chrome F-1 Dual-Action Airbrush delivers a smooth spray and broad range of delicate to heavy coverage. Includes an Air Hose with Brass Compressor Adapter, Airbrush Holder, Bottle Adapter and Empty Paint bottle for mixing. All replacement parts are also available.
Part # Description Price


- F-1 Pro Dual Action Airbrush Set $89.95

Parma F-1 Airbrush Accessories
Use the handy push-in style .25 ounce Color Cup for mixing or spraying small amount of paint. Empty paint bottles to premix your colors in are also available.
Part # Description Price


- Bottle Adapter (single) $5.49


- Bottle Adapters (3) $12.95


- Empty Paint Bottles (2) $2.95


- Bottle Adapter Caps (12) $2.49


- .25 Ounce Metal Color Cup $7.95


Parma Airbrush Cleaning Pot
The Parma airbrush cleaning pot makes it easy to clean both water and solvent based paints. Just spray into the lid of the 4" diameter glass receptacle for no mess and no fumes. A convenient airbrush holder will work with any style airbrush. Everything breaks down and fits inside the included plastic carrying container. Includes 4 filters.
Part # Description Price


- Faskolor Cleaning Pot $20.95


- Replacement Filters (10 pcs.) $11.95

Click here for info on Parma Paints

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