About the Area

Scale Auto migrated to the sleepy farming community of Redmond, Washington in early 1985; just about the same time Bill Gates' Microsoft steamroller was getting underway in the computer industry. Anchored by the phenomenal growth of Microsoft and other computer and internet stalwarts, Redmond has quickly become the "high tech" capital of the Pacific Northwest.

Redmond is located on the eastern side of Lake Washington approximately 25 minutes from downtown Seattle. Well-known for a mild climate year round, most of the natives will tell you it rains all year just so more people won't move here. Redmond's also been nicknamed the "Bicycle Capital of the Northwest." Anytime of the day, especially during the summer months, you'll see avid cyclists making their way around the city or back roads.

If your priorities in life include a good paying job and a great regional H.O. slot racing scene, you might want to look at making a move to the greater Puget Sound area. Just remember, we didn't encourage you and we told you it rains all year round...


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