Pactra Paint

This is a special paint developed especially for painting clear plastic bodies. We recommend using an air brush to obtain the best results. The bottles are designed so they will screw directly onto a Badger air brush. The paint comes in a 2/3-oz. jar. Additional hints: The solid colors will probably spray best when thinned 50%, while the metallics and candies can be thinned about 30%. The line pressure from your air source or compressor should be set at around 35-40 psi.

Part #
Description Price
RC57 - Daytona Yellow Paint $2.39
RC61 - Pearl Purple Paint $2.39
RC67 - Metallic Burgundy Paint $2.39
RC73 - Candy Purple Paint $2.39
RC78 - Fluorescent Orange Paint $2.39
RC85 - Bright Yellow Paint $2.39
RC92 - Grape Pearl Paint $2.39
RC93 - True Blue Pearletallic Black Paint $2.39

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