A.J's Silicone Rear Tires

Twinn-K/A.J's was one of the first companies to get into the H.O. aftermarket scene four decades ago. They manufacture a good line of cost-effective parts for the entry-level racer. While these parts are not the latest in H.O. technology, they are a good value for the money.

Tires for AFX, Tomy, and Tyco
Part # Description Price


- Pink Gum Drops (slip-on RTV silicones - pair) $1.50
0024 - Gum Drops (RTV silicones - assorted colors - pair) $1.50


Miscellanous Tires
Part # Description Price
0781 - Black Sponge Tires (pair)
(fits Aurora Specialty, TCR, Ideal, Matchbox)
1030 - Axle Spacers - Brass $1.50

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