Mattel / Tyco H.O. Race Sets
Race sets provide a great way to get started in H.O. racing or economically expand your existing layout. A race set is always an exceptional value for the money. Here's a brief listing of Mattel race sets we have available. *There have been no new race sets released by Mattel since 2002/3. If you would like to order more track to expand your layout, please click here for a track and accessories listing.

**Please allow for greater S&H fees. All sets exceed the 2 LB base S&H fees. Quotes are available upon request. (most sets can be shipped UPS-ground for $12.50 <=> $14.00; expedited can be easily double that)

Part #
Description Price
T6247 - Gravity Twisting Race Set $58.30
33575 - Doomsday Duel Race Set $67.50

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