Mattel / Tyco H.O. Slot Cars
Mattel offers a variety of H.O. slot cars to pick from which you'll find listed below. Mattel took over the Tyco line in 1998. We still have many of the older Tyco cars available and they typically carry a four-digit part number. *There were no new releases introduced from Mattel as of June 2002, so all cars listed below are now discontinued and limited or collectible.

Individual Cars: (all cars below are 440-X2's)
Part # Description Price
9046 - Viper Roadster 440-X2 (yellow)  $17.50 SALE
9061 - Dodge Stealth 440-X2 (black) $18.45
9062 - Dodge Viper TR/10 440-X2 (red) $18.45
9141 - Dodge Stealth 440-X2 (yellow) $18.45
9252 - Porsche 935 440-X2 (red/purple/white) $18.00

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