Life-Like Individual Cars

Life-Like offers a wide variety of H.O. slot cars specializing in licensed NASCAR replicas. They also offer a great selection of street cars. Life-Like Cars work on all H.O. slot car tracks. Click on the links below to look at the cars currently available:

"Renegade Racers" Sprint Cars
Fast Trackers with new Can Motor Chassis

Fast Tracker NASCAR Stockers
Fast Tracker Street Cars


Life-Like "Renegade Racers"

New for 2002, these sprint cars are called "Renegade Racers" and are similar to the Racin' Outlaws Tyco offered briefly in the late '80s. All Renegade Racers come complete with full overhead wing.

Part #


9847 - "Renegade Racers" - #22 yellow/red


9849 - "Renegade Racers" - #18 blue/yellow 


9850 - "Renegade Racers" - #77 red/yellow 



Life-Like Fast Trackers with Can Motor Chassis

Life-Like has improved the performance of their Fast Tracker car by introducing a new chassis. This new chassis features a can motor with a low-resistance armature, Neo dots for traction magnets, and improved rear tires for better grip. Life-Like's "new" Fast Trackers work on all H.O. slot car tracks.

Part #


9854 - C* Pontiac Grand Prix (teal) - 2003


9855 - C* Dodge Intrepid (yellow) - 2003



Life-Like Fast Tracker NASCAR Stockers

Here's a listing of the officially licensed NASCAR stockers that Life-Like offers. All cars listed below come with Life-Like's Fast Tracker chassis. Fast Trackers work on all H.O. slot car tracks. 

Part #
Description Price


- C* Valvoline #6 Ford Taurus - 1999  $20.00
9720 - C* Quality Care #88 Taurus  $20.00
9721 - C* Valvoline NASCAR Stocker ('97-'98 Version) (low) $20.00
9737 - C* Generic Chevy Monte Carlo (silver) - 2000 $17.50


Life-Like Fast Tracker Street Cars

Life-Like’s Fast Tracker Street Cars utilize the same patented down force control chassis as their NASCAR stockers. These cars have been clocked at nearly 1,000 scale MPH and can travel at up to 12 feet per second. Fast Tracker Road Racers work on all H.O. slot car tracks.

Part #
Description Price
9754 - Chevy Silverado (yellow) - 2004  $17.50
9774 - Mustang GT Street Car (blue) (low) $15.50
9794 - Ford F350 (red/white) - 2004  $17.50
9839 - Dodge Intrepid (white) $15.50
9841 - Pontiac Grand Prix (blue) $15.50
9842 - C* Pontiac Grand Prix (red)  $17.25


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