H.O. Slot Car Journal #6 - $5.00
Highlights - Journal #6

Special Overview: NASCAR in HO - Hitting the highlights of Winston Cup and Nastruck competition, HO racing’s most popular and fastest-growing segment...

Special Feature: The Brass Wars: Early Aurora-Based Pro Racers. Editor Dave Ferguson slips into the not-so distant past to begin this three-part article on the fascinating hardware and history of HO’s first truly serious racing cars.

Concours Gallery: Larry Schultz’s Nats Outlaw Sprint Car - A neat and unusual Concours entry at the ‘94 HOPRA Nats, this little Copenhagen sprinter is one of those rare miniatures that possesses that elusive "gotcha" factor!!...

Looking Back: Cobra’s Cobramite - Another HO race car with a 1/24th legacy, the Cobramite was the first (and only) production HO race car with an iso-fulcrum frame. Two pages of background and pix on this player in HO’s "Golden Era."

Feature Story: Improving & Detailing Stock Hard Plastic Bodies (Part 1) - These latest techniques in paint and detailing will ensure that your stock hard plastic bodies will "be all they can be!"

How To: Color Coding Your Lanes - Useful ideas for putting the finishing touches on that home, club or commercial track...

Track Spotlight: Andre Perra’s Riverside - A classic Aurora-based club layout with several unusual features - and beautiful execution!


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