H.O. Slot Car Journal #2 - $5.00
Highlights - Journal #2

Race Report - 1992 Western States Championship. All the racing and madness that was fit to print in Box Stock, Super Stock, PolyMod, Neo and Concours!!

Collecting with Howard Kilgore - More Playcraft and Vibrator secrets revealed....

Concours Gallery: Rick Dodge’s Mercedes "Silver Arrow"Group C racer...

How To: Converting An Aurora T-Jet Mustang Fastback Into A Shelby GT.-350 - Step-by-step article guides you in the construction of this famous vintage racer. Competition history, locating a suitable "donor" body, modifications, details, painting & decal tips and more...

Looking Back: The Original TycoPro. With words and photos, Dave Ferguson explores the background of HO’s first true purpose-built racing car from the drawing board to the hobby shop shelves. After the T-Jet, the Tyco Pro was arguably one of the most significant HO cars ever released, with nearly all of the performance features that today’s HO racers take for granted. Plus: A special sidebar on Tyco’s secret factory prototypes - a series of killer anglewinder designs that never saw the light of the marketplace - and why.

How To: Velcro Body Mounting - An inexpensive, easy alternative for mounting clear plastic bodies.

Dynamic Balancing: Gary Beedle explains the how and why of this crucial step in manufacturing the modern performance HO armature.

Plus: Track Spotlight - One of the most realistic HO road courses we’ve ever seen. Awesome in length (147’ lap length) and rich in trackside detail, this one has to be seen to be believed!


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