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Devoted strictly to H.O. scale slot cars, this magazine covered H.O. cars as they were meant to be covered - as the main course, not some side dish on another magazine's menu! Whether your interests are H.O. racing, car modifying, collecting, track building, or modeling, the H.O. Slot Car Journal presented entertaining and informative articles covering every aspect of this intriguing hobby/sport. Regular feature articles and columns by long-time H.O. journalists Dave Ferguson, Gary Beedle, Bill Elder, Bill Von Staden, and others, made this magazine more than just special; it's now a part of H.O. history!

Back Issues
Each issue is filled with news of the latest and hottest H.O. products from it's day, performance tips, technical insight, and "how-to" articles - all aimed at helping you get the most enjoyment possible from this growing pastime. You get interviews and thoughts from the people who have the most significant impact on the industry, plus intuitive retrospectives and spotlights on the kind of oddball subjects that have always given H.O. slot racing it's own unique charm. You'll see the hobby as you've never seen it before, presented in a dynamic, contemporary style, using well chosen words and lots of clear, crisp photos. This was the elite publication that H.O. enthusiasts had been waiting for since the introduction of the H.O. slot car!!

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