BSRT Precision Tools

As H.O. racers become more involved in their hobby, they begin to require special tools to help with their racing efforts. BSRT offers the most extensive line of precision tools in slot racing as you can see from the list below. All hand tools feature BSRT's renowned quality and will last the lifetime of your hobby.

Part #
Description Price


- BSRT AST� Machined Wheel Drill Fixture
(metal template with multiple holes for material extraction in order to
lighten BSRT machined AST� wheels - comes with correct sized drill bit)


- BSRT Gear Drill Fixture
(metal template with multiple holes for material extraction in order to
lighten BSRT molded crown gears - comes with correct size drill bit)


- G-Lube� Gear Lubricant
(developed specifically to improve gear mesh and gear longevity)


- G-Juice� Redline� Oiler
(developed specifically for BSRT by Redline� Oil)


- Micro Precision Oiler
(high-quality all-around oil with a precision pin-point applicator)


- Precision Tire Gauge
(accurately check a full range of front and rear tire sizes in
.002" increments - now laser etched!)


- Pro Wheel Press
(now features a larger press-in pin for more precision when pressing
on BSRT machined rear wheels)


- Pro Crown Gear Puller
(perfect tool to use when you need to remove your crown gear from the axle)
HT384 - Pro Wheel Puller
(precisely remove rear wheels so they may be re-used again and again)


- Pro Crown Gear Press
(perfect tool to use when pressing a crown gear into position on the rear axle)
HT387 - Tech Gauge
(personal 2-D aluminum gauge to check maximum width of car for racing)


- Front Tire Mandrel
(for truing BSRT independent front tires to size - machined steel)
HT391 - Pickup Shoe Cleaner
(does a great job cleaning pickup shoes)
HT393 - G3� Bushing or Ball Bearing Removal / Installation Tool
(use tool to press-in or press-out endbell bushing or ball bearing)
HT394 - G3� Endbell Tool
(helps remove & install G3� endbells)
HT399 - G3� Threaded Body Post  Installation Tool
(helps with installation of threaded body posts in G3� chassis)


BSRT Tool Accessories
Part # Description Price


- Loctite "Black Max" Adhesive (heavy-weight super glue) $8.95

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